David Needham is THRØES - a solo experiment in Electro-Soul Pop.

He began writing his debut EP, Wait For Me, in 2014 after graduating with a degree in Music Composition from Texas A&M University. Based around the idea of discontentment, Needham tried to document the exploration of "the gap” — the place between discontentment and contentment that most of us seem to find ourselves in; where what we want, or who we want, or who we want to be isn't yet actualized. Needham has described his writing process as "more of a musical cohesion than a lyrical one. I've always loved music that can paint a picture or set a mood with just the vibe of the song. That's what I am trying to achieve with this EP.” Now signed with Austin-based label Little Champion, who will be releasing Wait For Me on June 30th, Needham/THRØES is making plans to tour as much as possible and begin writing for his next album.

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